making date night special with a private chauffeur

Make the Meal Special with a Personal Chauffeur

If you plan on dining in Virginia Beach, then you might as well do it in style. This is especially the case if you plan on bringing a date. Let’s say you want to enjoy a meal with someone at one of the restaurants on this list: Terrapin, Bay Local Eatery, Commune, or Repeal Bourbon & Burgers. These will be different types of dining experiences, but if you want to wow that special someone, then you need a personal chauffeur.

Whether it’s a first date or a significant other of many years, imagine using a private luxury rental with a personal chauffeur, and then enjoying a delicious meal on an outdoor patio. Add some oysters and a cocktail and your date is likely to be holding your hand on the way home.

Yes, this is the perfect way to impress someone. However, you must know where to eat in Virginia Beach. If you choose the wrong restaurant, it could ruin the entire experience. If you choose one of the restaurants below, you’re very likely to impress. That said, each restaurant listed here offers a different kind of experience. Be sure to look over the details so you know to make the right choice based on your preferences and situation.


Terrapin is arguably the best restaurant in Virginia Beach. Head Chef Rodney Einhorn has a lot to do with that, but so does the atmosphere, which is sleek and refined. If you’re with a date, plan to arrive a little early and hit the bar for a drink. Definitely consider ordering a bottle of wine from their extensive list. Following that, you can head to your table on the outdoor patio.

When you sit down to eat, you can first enjoy the hot, soft, and delicious bread, which comes with butter in the shape of a turtle. After that, go straight for the oysters. Everything you eat here is locally sourced, so it’s going to be extra fresh.

If you don’t like oysters, or if you’re ready for the next course, consider the Duck, which comes with purple broccoli. Or maybe you want to go with the Strip Lobster. Whatever you choose, you can complete your meal with the Molten Brandy Truffle Cake with Rum Raisin Ice Cream. As you can see, this isn’t your everyday experience.

Bay Local Eatery

If you like southern seafood, fresh oysters, and a shabby-chic vibe, this is your spot. You will find beautiful décor and outdoor seating in a temperature-controlled tent. Other benefits include excellent customer service and an impressive drink menu.

To elaborate on the food, all portions are large. In addition to the fresh oysters, popular dishes include The Local Burger and Lettuce Wraps With Grilled Chicken. For an appetizer, try the Banging Ball, which is a crab ball appetizer.


If you desire an artsy vibe in the ViBe District, go to Commune. Ninety percent of the food is locally sourced, and they’re working on getting that to 100%. Two things to keep in mind here. One, there aren’t a lot of vegetarian options. Two, this is mostly a lunch menu. Therefore, it’s where you bring a date for a more casual experience, which can be good because it’s a no-pressure kind of situation.

As far as menu items, consider the Sweet Potato Hash Tots Drizzled in Honey, Corneal Waffles and Chicken, and Biscuit Eggs Benedict With Poached Eggs. Also, if you order a breakfast sandwich, be sure to get it on a brioche sourdough bun.

One other note: the coffee here is excellent. Imagine bringing your date for coffee in a private luxury vehicle with a chauffeur. That is certainly unique.

Repeal Bourbon & Burgers

This is exactly as the name indicates, and it comes with a speakeasy theme. For the drinks, try The Blood Oath, The Last Word, Fire & Brimstone, Capone, or Planters Punch. For food, some say this is the best burger they have ever eaten. If you don’t want a burger, try the soft and buttery Pretzel Bread or Tempura Fried Mushrooms.

This is a quaint and clean location with limited seating. For a date, think of it as casual-intimate with strong potential for fun.

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