Hire a Private Car Service to Experience a Relaxing Wine Tour in Virginia

Hire a Private Car Service to Experience a Relaxing Wine Tour in Virginia

Are you planning on going on a winery tour in Virginia? A wine tour is a great way to have fun and experience different wineries together. Heading out on a winery tour in Virginia is a great way to sample many different wines while staying within a specific area. Each winery is different and will have different offerings; however, whichever destinations you choose, it is best to plan on hiring a private car service rather than driving yourself. This article will discuss several reasons why hiring a private car service is an excellent idea for your next winery tour in Virginia.

First and Foremost, Stay Safe

Drinking and driving is never a great idea, and most law enforcement agencies would recommend a zero drinking and driving policy. It is difficult to know when enough alcohol has been drunk and would place a person over the legal limit. Local law enforcement agencies understand that many people will drink and drive in wine regions, which is why they set up stakeouts to catch offending drivers. This reason alone is enough to hire a private car service.

Many times, friends will gather and have one friend be the designated driver. Don’t leave your friends out of the fun experience at the wineries. Instead, make sure everyone can have fun with zero worries about drinking. Also, many of the wineries are located down long and winding country roads, so it can be challenging to understand the roads, even when completely sober. Driving at night on these country roads can be even more difficult to navigate. Allow a professional driver who truly understands the area to deliver you to and from all your planned wineries safely and in comfort. Don’t risk hiring an Uber or Lyft driver, as they don’t necessarily understand the winery locations and other useful information regarding wine tasting. Many professional companies understand how to create a custom wine tour and are happy to help implement the day.


Kick back and relax in any of our vehicles, mainly because we are the ones driving. One of the absolute best parts about hiring a private car service is the ability to relax and stretch out, while the driver worries about driving. All vehicles are luxurious, come with heating and air conditioning, and have plenty of legroom. The vehicle will also have room for wine and other favors you might have picked up during your wine tasting.

There are many different vehicle options to choose from, no matter the size of your group. Don’t worry if everyone will fit in your car or about splitting up the group into different vehicles. Keep it safe and simple and hire a car service to get the entire group to and from wineries safe and sound. Your professional chauffeur will understand the area and the wineries you will be tasting at, so there is no worry about becoming lost or late to a tasting appointment.


When heading out on a wine tasting experience, there are many unknowns. Some wineries are super fun, and others are just a quick stop-off. Don’t worry about a thing when you hire a professional car service, because your driver is ready to take you where you want and when you want. The driver will not only understand where all the wineries on your itinerary are located, but the driver will also be ready to transport you at a moment’s notice. Bored at a winery? No problem, just ask your driver to take you to the next tasting. Feel like heading to a restaurant, no problem, your driver will take you.

Drivers are good at more than just driving. Professional drivers understand the area and most likely will have valuable information to help make your experience even better. Your driver is your concierge, and if you have any last-minute ideas, your driver will be more than happy to help figure out the details and drive you to your destination. Your driver wants your experience to be the best it can be. Ask your driver about his wine tasting recommendations or even where a great place to grab dinner might be. Your driver will take care of you.

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