wine tours in the chesapeake bay area

Wine Tours in and Around Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay boasts more than 40 wineries in just the Virginia area. The vineyards in Chesapeake are known to have wines that appeal to a sweeter, fruity taste, but there are also a few that work towards a drier Italian Tuscan style of wine. The many options give every wine lover the opportunity to enjoy a nice warm day out along the Bay. The sandy soil and the moderate temperature all year round creates the perfect mixture for superior wines.

To make the evening, day, or few day trip even more memorable, check out the luxury advantages of having private transportation in a roomy vehicle. If there are multiple stops on your wine tour, you may run across a wine or two that you really enjoy, and end up ordering multiple bottles to take home. The vehicles here at VA Executive Sedan and Limousines are perfect for events like this. With a large amount of room in the back of the vehicle, you and each of your friends will be able to store all the bottles you please!

Here are a few of the wineries along the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail that are perfect for a special trip with friends or family:

Rivah Vineyards at the Grove

This beautiful riverfront vineyard is located on 125 scenic acres with vines that host a multitude of grapes desired around the world. With different experimental varieties being tasted and tested, you can be sure to try a wine you have never tasted before. This particular winery has a Viognier, Petit Manseng, Chardonel, Chambourcin, and Merlot in production along with the experimental varieties.

Jacey Vineyards

As the owner of its own private cove, Jacey Vineyards is one of the few vineyards nationwide that visitors can arrive by boat. This 150-acre piece of land has exquisite wooded forests, waterfront views, and lush vines that surround you while you are tasting wine by the glass or by the bottle. Enjoy charcuterie boards while in the tasting room along with pizza and craft beer for those who are looking for something other than wine.

Good Luck Cellars

This vineyard offers self-guided tasting experiences, wine by the glass, and sales by the bottle. There are 25 acres of planted vines with grapes that are used to make Good Luck Cellars’ award-winning wines. The top three medal-winning wines are Chardonel with 12, Chambourcin with 9, and Inheritage with 8 awards. Their top three whites are Chardonel as first with Viognier, Vignoles, and Chardonnay all tied for second. The three favorite reds are Chamourcin, Inheritage, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyard is also the perfect space for special events like weddings, receptions, or other large gatherings.

Caret Cellars

Caret Cellars is a veteran family-owned vineyard with a warm and welcoming tasting room. The newly added tasting room is where you can try wine at the tasting bar or watch the winemaking process at the production area. The vineyard’s grapes are hand-harvested and then crushed and fermented in French oak barrels for red wines or stainless steel for the whites and roses. This stop on the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail is great for a quiet and friendly gathering with your closest friends and family.

Wine Tours with a Personal Chauffeur

With another 5 wineries along this wine trail, there is ample opportunity for new experiences and exciting times. The Chesapeake Wine Trail even has a Passport Program that allows you “validate” your visit at each stop with a stamp on your FREE official passport. These stamps can be collected to receive up to 15% off wine purchases.

Next time you and your friends are looking for something unique and exciting to do, give VA Executive Sedan and Limousine a call and ask about the different wine trail stops that are available. The company’s luxury vehicles will make you and your friends feel like stars when you arrive at each stop on the trail. You won’t have to worry about the purchases you make at the wineries, because there is plenty of room in the vehicles for each person to purchase all the wine they want.

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