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9 Essential Questions to Ask a Chauffeured Car Service

While most people consider ride-sharing services the most convenient transportation, a chauffeured car service may offer superior services for events, airport transfers, or group outings. However, while investigating the best company for chauffeur services, it’s essential to know the right questions to ask.

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9 Questions to Ask a Chauffeured Car Service

While considering a chauffeured car service, it’s helpful to know what information to seek. The following nine questions will help you identify the best private car service and ensure your satisfaction.

What Is the Total Cost of Your Service?

Unsurprisingly, you should immediately try to understand the total costs of working with a particular transportation company. Every car service offers different packages at different prices. Thus, your dollar might go further at one car service than another.

Ask whether prices are transparent and comprehensive. Avoid any company that doesn’t provide a complete pricing breakdown, as it might add last-minute charges that can jack up the price.

What Are Your Package Options?

Most companies offer packages catered to popular events. These might include weddings, corporate events, airport transfers, or large-scale outings.

Ask prospective companies about their package offerings. If a car service offers a pertinent package for your needs, it could eliminate hours of planning and provide everything for seamless transportation.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

While everything will hopefully run smoothly with your group outing or event, it’s not uncommon for customers to cancel cars and drivers unexpectedly. However, some companies have strict cancellation policies that make these changes extremely costly.

Before signing any contract, review your chauffeur service’s cancellation policy. Having the option to make last-minute changes without a burdensome expense provides peace of mind in an emergency.

How Does Your Company Maintain Its Vehicles?

It should go without saying that any professional transportation service should place a high value on the look and functionality of their vehicles. From minor maintenance tasks like routine car washes to essential tasks like oil changes, vehicle upkeep indicates a company’s quality and value.

Your chauffeur should care for the appearance of their vehicle. If you’re hiring luxury transportation, appearances likely factor into your needs. Thus, ask to see some of their cars beforehand to get a sense of their condition.

What Cars Are Available in Your Fleet?

A company’s fleet provides you with the ability to transport small or large groups in varying degrees of class and style. Asking about all the available cars in a fleet ensures that a company has adequate vehicles to suit your transportation needs.

How Old Are Your Vehicles?

Another essential consideration is the age of company vehicles. If you choose to schedule a private car service for a major life event like a wedding or funeral, you won’t want to worry about random breakdowns or mishaps. Ask about the age of the car you’re considering for another layer of assurance that it’s the right vehicle for you.

What Licenses and Certifications Do Drivers Have?

Private car services pride themselves on providing professional drivers with better defensive driving capabilities and qualifications than ride-sharing services. Beyond meeting the basic VA driver eligibility requirements, any prospective company you consider should require drivers to obtain additional licenses, certifications, and courses.

What Additional Safety Precautions Do You Take?

Safety is one of the most important considerations when considering a private car service. Asking prospective companies about their additional safety precautions like first aid kits, spare tires, functioning seatbelts, and emergency devices offers you reassurance in case of an emergency. Only choose companies with high safety standards.

Do You Have Customer Testimonials or Reviews?

An excellent way to check the quality of a transportation company is to check reviews. Look for testimonials on the company’s website or Google Business page.

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