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9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Service for Your Wedding

Planning every detail of your wedding ahead of time ensures your big day occurs without any issues. One consideration many couples overlook is transportation.

Leaving your wedding ceremony in a limousine that makes you feel like royalty offers the perfect cherry on top of your communion of love. However, hiring an appropriate car service for your wedding requires comprehensive considerations, and knowing the factors to consider will ensure you account for every detail.

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9 Considerations When Hiring a Car Service for Your Wedding

While planning your Virginian wedding ceremony, knowing these essential transportation considerations ensures the day’s logistics are smooth and unproblematic. These nine considerations will help you identify the best car service for your wedding.

Consider Who the Transportation Is For

The first major consideration while planning your wedding day transportation is deciding who has a spot in your vehicles. Depending on the size and venues of your wedding, wedding guests may need to transport themselves between different locations. Larger weddings with multiple locations may require fleets of coach buses or vans to ensure every guest makes it from one place to the next.

Decide Whether Your Wedding Parties Will Travel Together or Separately

You’ll probably provide transportation for both wedding parties. Since these are some of the most important people at your wedding, taking care of their transportation is a must.

You’ll have to decide whether you want your wedding parties to travel together or separately. Do you want to travel with them, too? These decisions impact the size and number of cars you need.

Consider the Distance Between the Ceremony and Reception Venue

Wedding planners usually focus on the quality of the ceremony and reception but sometimes forget to consider all the logistics. While choosing venues, consider the distance between your ceremony and reception. A long journey between these two crucial locations could require more significant transportation for your wedding party and guests.

Ask Prospective Companies About Their Wedding Packages

Many companies offer packages specific to weddings. These pre-made arrangements might perfectly suit your nuptials and allow you to save time and money during planning.

Ask prospective companies about what’s included in their wedding packages. While you might jump at the chance to check another box off your planning list, reviewing the package ensures that it’s the right choice for your big day.

Get Every Detail Written Specifically in a Contract

Before agreeing to work with a private car service for your wedding, you’ll want to review the details, costs, and logistics. Getting these essential factors written down in a contract ensures that both parties agree on the terms and provisions for wedding day transportation. Never pay before reviewing and signing contracts.

Ask About Driver Qualifications and Licenses

Since you’ll have many cherished friends and family members at your wedding, ensuring their safety is a high priority. Ask about the driver qualifications and licenses that a company requires from their professionals. Chauffeur licensing, defensive driving courses, and additional certifications all offer assurance that your drivers can safely transport all your guests.

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