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Limo Etiquette for First-Timers: The Do’s and Don’ts

Hiring luxury transportation for your private event, outing, or airport transfer can make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. However, many first-time limo passengers don’t know the rules of limo etiquette.

With guidelines to curate a more luxurious and professional experience, it’s no wonder why famous people love limousines. By following the acceptable behaviors in these vehicles, you’ll feel like a celebrity for the day, regardless of your destination.

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9 Do’s and Don’ts of Limousine Etiquette

When considering luxury transportation, it’s helpful to know the simple rules guiding limo etiquette to make your experience more comfortable. These do’s and don’ts will help you learn proper etiquette to avoid mishaps on your trip. Most importantly, these tips will help you maximize your enjoyment of what should be a special, fun experience.

DO Book Your Ride in Advance

With ride sharing culture, it’s acceptable to call a car minutes before you leave. However, for luxury transportation, it’s essential to book your ride well in advance.

Most companies offering luxury transportation want to have a firm grasp on your itinerary and needs well before your trip begins. This allows them to curate the perfect experience for you and your fellow passengers. Furthermore, many companies offer special deals when you book in advance.

DON’T Be Late for Pickups

While your driver will be happy to wait for you, keeping your party on the predetermined schedule is respectful. While it’s normal to be a few minutes late, especially at the end of a long night or event, making your driver wait hours could delay additional trips they may have later.

Try to arrive promptly and stick to your pre-determined itinerary. Adhering to your pickup time will help everyone remain stress-free and satisfied throughout the trip.

DO Allow the Driver to Open and Close Doors

Many first-time passengers don’t realize that it’s actually disrespectful to open and close your own doors during a limo experience. Professional drivers train to provide a luxury and curated experience for passengers. It’s essential to allow drivers to perform the duties that help them create this experience for riders. Thus, as a rule of thumb, allow your driver to open and close doors for you during your journey. Not only is this proper limo etiquette, but it also gives you time to hoist yourself out of the low-lying limo.

DON’T Make Any Unexpected Stops

If you choose a limo for your evening’s transportation, allow yourself to enjoy the journey uninterrupted. Communicate any stops you plan to make along your trip ahead of time. Avoid making unexpected stops (aside from a needed restroom break) as it ruins the flow of your travel and evening.

DO Bring Friends Along

Limo rides are a special experience. Get the most out of your luxury transportation by bringing friends along.

DON’T Allow Partying and Drinking to Get Out of Hand

It’s not uncommon for limousines to have glassware, ice boxes, or other beverage supplies. While these vehicles permit drinking, it’s essential to keep your group’s partying under control. Have fun on your ride, but make sure that everyone enjoys alcohol in an enjoyable and tasteful fashion.

DO Let Special Guests Pick Their Seats

When you book a limousine, you’re likely going to a special event. If you’re traveling with the VIP for the evening, allow them to pick their seat first.

While all limousine seats are very comfortable, certain ones might allow someone access to more people within a conversation. Thus, let your VIPs have their pick at the best seat.

DON’T Leave Trash in the Limo

After your night is over, ensure you take all trash and belongings with you. While companies will clean and sanitize their vehicles, helping them as much as possible is a courtesy to your driver.

DO Tip Your Driver if You Can

Drivers work hard to curate an excellent limo experience. While not a requirement, tipping your driver shows your gratitude for their hard work.

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